Since 1957, our principals have specialised in MOULDING of POLYURETHANE for chairs, armchairs, sofas and furniture accessories.

Starting from a 3D file or a physical sample, a solid pattern (model) and the mould is made, we design the inner armature (if necessary, that can me made of metal, wood, rigid polyurethane) and mould it over with the most suitable polyurethane system. In order to meet the more and more challenging requirements of the market, we offer seven different polyurethane systems: from the flexible one (to be upholstered with fabric or leather) to the finished ones, structural and nonstructural (that are different for softness, colours, technical specifications, density, touch, weightbearing quality etc.). All the products in this catalogue are in flexible polyurethane.

Our goal is to be a reliable partner and become irreplaceable for our customers by offering high quality products at competitive prices; a real contribution to their success is our biggest achievement.

Brands Available

  • Littlenap
  • Shearling
  • Human Scale
  • Lazboy
  • K.I
  • Vetra
  • Woodage