Interbloccocame into being in the beginning of 2011 with the aim of making a place for itself in the still little developed outdoor furniture market. Since then we are bringing together beauty and aesthetics of interiors with the durability of exteriors in a range of exquisitely designed outdoor furniture.

Our aim at Interblocco is to create an ambience for our customers and their guests who look at the world from a new, incredible prospective of bringing them pleasures of living.

We count on high flexibility of productive integration coupled with the synergetic relation between its own resources. Our continuous research, comparison with the best architectural studies and the customer's needs, attention to the quality of material and its finishes, test of resistance over the years and versatility of use helps us to maintain high standards like none other.

Planning, design, material, finishes, service, quality, experience, commitment, this is our way of presenting our new range of Live-in Furniture.

Brands Available

  • Interblocco
  • Littlenap
  • Shearling
  • Stanlay
  • Human Scale
  • Lazboy
  • K.I